Projects in Magento 2.0

In this article you get an overview of how you create and access existing projects and add content to your projects.

How do I create and access existing projects?

How do I add content to my projects?



How to create and access existing projects

To access and create projects, simply go to System and select EasyTranslate Projects. From there, click on the "Add Project" button located in the upper right corner. Fill in the necessary project details and save your progress by clicking "Save and Continue Edit". At this stage, you can also choose whether you want translations to be automatically imported or manually scheduled.

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How to add content to projects

In order to add content to your projects navigate to system and click on EasyTranslate Projects and open your project. 

Select the entity type that you want to add. Next, modify the filter to "Any" and search for the specific entities you wish to include. Once you have found them, simply select the checkbox next to each entity. Finally, save the project to complete the process.

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