How to keep an overview of your billing history

The History section gives you all invoices that has been created for your account, for an easy way to see and download them. It gathers project-, wallet-, and subscription invoices in the same place. And if you have any credit notes, you can also find them here. 


The overview gives you basic data about each invoice. To see more information, click the little arrow to the right of the entry, and it expands for you. Here you can see more about VAT and payment method, as well as download the invoice as a PDF. 


In the expanded view, you can see if an invoice has been paid and how.

Paid: The invoice was paid 
Unpaid: The invoice has not been paid yet

Payment method:
SEPA_debit: The invoice was paid with SEPA
Card: The invoice was paid with the available credit card on the account. 
- : The invoice was paid with the Wallet