Roles & Permissions

How to customise access and permission to features based on your needs

Language as a Service gives users the possibility to create custom roles and assign permissions. This feature allows you to customise team members' access to suit your personal needs. 


There are two roles categories: 

  • Native roles: These roles cannot be edited or deleted and are standard across all accounts. 
  • Custom role(s) : These roles are created by you according to your needs. You are able to delete or edit them if needed. 

Please note that only the team administrator is able to create roles and add or remove permissions from custom roles. 


Once a role is created, any number of permissions can be added to it. There are no limitations in the number of permissions that can be associated with a role. They can be mixed and matched as needed. 


  • What are the native roles used for?

In Roles & Permissions, there are two default roles that your are able to use with pre-set permissions, those two roles called native roles have distinct purposes:
- Team admin: The team admin role gathers all the relevant team management permissions needed such as creating billing methods, creating sub accounts, creating team roles, grant permissions to team users. 

- Customer: The customer role gathers the project management permissions excluding any the team management permissions. A user with this role can eg. create projects and folders, accept project prices, download project files, download invoices, do task revisions. However they are not able to create subaccounts or add and modify billing methods. 


In order to give full permissions to a user in a subaccount team, you can combine the Team Admin and the Customer roles and assign them to the wished user. 


  • How do I create a new custom role? 


To create a custom role, simply

  • Click “create a new role” 
  • Type the desired name and description of the new role
  • Select the permissions that should be associated with the role (no number limitation) 
  • Click “Save” 

The new role has been created and is ready to use. 


  • How can I modify a custom role?

To modify a custom role, simply

  • Hover over the wished role row
  • Click on the 3 dots button at the end of the row 
  • Click on “Edit”
  • Change the wished fields  
  • Click on the “Save” button to save or “cancel” to disregard the changes 

The custom role has now been updated.