The EasyTranslate Message function

This article describes our message feature, it's functionalities and the do's & don't's.


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Locate the message function on the top right  

On the left side of the message function, you can see 3 categories.

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1. Channels
2. Direct messages
3. Group Messages 



Below you'll find the three categories described in depth, so you can understand their functionalities, why and for what purpose you would use each of them.
To see what channels, direct messages, and group messages you have, simply click the arrow down to open the category, and the arrow up to compile them again.

                                                      1. Channels    

A channel is something you create, because it's most likely on-going. You would create a channel, if you for example are running a campaign on a long term project, or if you have on-going talks with your translators regarding terminology.  

chat illus-03

You can at all times create channels. Make sure to name them what they are referring to, so for example if you would like to have a channel which purpose is to discuss marketing texts, you could name it EasyTranslate_marketing. In this channel, you would also only include the translators on your team who translate your marketing content. 

To start a channel, click on the "+" and the following will appear: 

Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 13.50.25

Name your channel - fx. Cocacola marketing

> Briefly describe the purpose of the channel. Fx. Marketing terms 

> Add the relevant translators to the channel


Once you have created your channel, you are ready to send a message! 

You receive a notification when you are added to a channel

Use a channel when you want to communicate to MANY translators

Please note that your translators are not able to start a channel


                                                       2. Direct messages   

A direct message, also known as a DM, is a message function which sole purpose is to send a single person a message. Only you and your translator will see the

chat illus-01


You would typically start a direct message (DM) if you would like to communicate a message to the given person, f.x "Could you deliver xyz faster" or "Task xyz needs to be translated with an informal tone" 

To start a direct message, click on either the "+", or "new message" 

Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 14.08.53Click anywhere in the "To field, and a dropdown will appear with all the translators on your team.


Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 14.11.15

Once you have created your direct message, you are able to send any necessary info to your translator, as well as attach images and files for reference material 

To send your message, either click on the "send button" or use your keyboard commands; command + enter.

You receive a notification when you have received a DM


Please note that translators can start direct message

                                                       3. Group messages    

A group message is a message function where typically you won't need it t

chat illus-02

o stay like f.x a channel. A group message example would be if you would want to communicate to a few of your translators regarding one single task "Please use informal words on task xyz". 

To create a group message, click on the "+" and the following will appear once you start adding translators 

Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 14.20.10

Type in the name of the translator(s) you'd like to add to your group and select them


Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 14.20.30

The more translators you add, the more will appear. Once you are ready, click create group message


You receive a notification when you are added to a group message 

Use group messages to communicate with a couple of translators 

Please note that your translators are not able to start a group message 

Good to know!⇓

 →  Save your messages using the snippet on the right side of your message when you hover over it. Find your saved messages and files under "Saved items".
→  Delete a message by hovering over your message and click "more actions", then delete. 
→  Attach files, images and much more by clicking the pin. 
→  As we know we have opened the door to many notifications, so we will send you an email every 10min summing up your notifications, so you don't receive one email pr. message. 
→  If you are a part of multiple accounts, you need to log on to each to find the relevant message space.

You can initiate a message directly from the editor and project view as well. When you do so, this will be mirrored in the overall message view as well, thus create a project message named the project ID number. All the messages you send in here, will be mirrored in the project message view, and editor message view. 

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