Wallet enables you to optimise your payment flow, by minimising number of transactions.

  • What is Wallet ?

On the EasyTranslate platform, you have the option to activate a recurring payment method. By using the wallet, you don’t need to worry about payments, everything is done for you.

By default, this feature is inactive. 


To activate it, you simply have to click on the switch in Settings > Payment > Wallet. When activated, the switch turns blue and a form appears. 


The form can be modified to your needs, you can decide on the amount we should recharge and top-up to your credit balance. You can increase or decrease the amount by hovering or clicking on the field and use the up or down arrow. 


The auto recharge settings enables you to have full control over your wallet. By setting a minimum balance up, you make sure to always have a sufficient balance available on your account. If the balance drops below your chosen minimum balance, your balance will automatically be recharged otherwise, your balance will be recharged at the date you selected as your Recharge day.


Please note that only admin users have access to the recharge billing method section in the form.