Wallet enables you to optimise your payment flow, by minimising the number of transactions.

What is the wallet feature?

How do I activate the wallet?

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What is the wallet feature?

On the EasyTranslate platform, you have the option to activate a recurring payment method by utilising the wallet feature. This means that you can eliminate any worries about payments, as everything is effortlessly taken care of for you. Instead, you just fill up your wallet once a month, and therefore just have a withdrawal. 

By default, this feature is inactive.



How do I activate the wallet?

To activate it, you simply have to click on the switch under Settings > Payment > Wallet

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When activated, the switch turns blue and a form appears. 

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You have the flexibility to customize the form according to your preferences. You decide the amount we should recharge and top-up to your credit balance. To adjust the amount, simply hover or click on the field and use the up or down arrow.

The auto recharge feature gives you complete control over your wallet. By setting a minimum balance, you can ensure that you always have enough funds in your account. If your balance falls below the minimum amount you set, it will automatically be recharged. Otherwise, your balance will be recharged on the specific date you selected as your Recharge day.

Note: Only admin users have access to the recharge billing method section in the form. 



Terms walkthrough

Balance: The current amount in your wallet

Active/Inactive: Whether the wallet is active or inactive

Expected monthly spending: How much you want your wallet filled up to each month, so you always have enough for the monthly translations

Re-charge billing method: how you would like to recharge your wallet to. Auto re-charge settings

Minimum balance: The minimum threshold for when the Wallet should re-charge. Minimum balance must be half of the amount the wallet will re-charge to. 

Preferred date: Select which date of the month the Wallet should re-charge.