Connect Contentful and EasyTranslate to supercharge your content creation! This article tells you all you need to know.


contentfulCombine the powers of Contentful and EasyTranslate in a single plugin, so you can easily build content in any language!

Simply connect to EasyTranslate through the plugin and synchronise your content to our String Library and have everything translated and updated with just a few clicks.

Synchronise all content to your EasyTranslate String Library, start the translation and when that is completed, easily pull it all back in your Contentful workflow to create the perfect localised content.


Install and connect

Synchronise between EasyTranslate and Contentful



Install and connect

You find the EasyTranslate app in the Contentful Marketplace. Install the app to your account by clicking Install now.

Open the plugin from the Plugins menu to see a single button for easy setup.

Click Connect to EasyTranslate to start.




You will be prompted to log into your EasyTranslate account with email and password. You can either use your personal user or create a user specific for the plugin.





After login you will be prompted to authorise the app to have access to our platform. Click Authorize 




Once logged in you need to add some information for the plugin to use. 
First, choose your account. This is especially important if you have access to more than one account or a sub-account.



Tick the boxes for each type of content you want the plugin to synchronise for translation. When selected, click Save in the upper right corner. A success message will appear at the bottom of the page. You are now ready to send content to EasyTranslate!

Send content to and from EasyTranslate

There are two ways to send your content to EasyTranslate; bulk synchronise existing content and synchronise content directly from the Editor. No matter where you do it from, the buttons are the same, so it could not be easier. 

Bulk synchronisation


To synchronise multiple content types at the same time, you can easily use the Contentful page for the app. 
Click App in the menu on top and select EasyTranslate in the drop down menu. 

Here you get an overview of all content you can synchronise to the string librarySelect the Content types you want synchronised to the string library, the desired languages and then click Sync to EasyTranslate at the bottom.

This is also where you can pull the content back from the string library by clicking Sync From EasyTranslate.


Synchronise from Editor

When editing a single content type, like a product text, you can synchronise it directly from the Editor, so you can easily translate your new content. 

On the right side of the Editor, you have the app-panel, and here you see the EasyTranslate app. There will be a list of fields that will be synchronised and the option to choose which languages to translate to, and which version of the content to synchronise.

Click Sync to EasyTranslate to start a synchronisation. Click Sync from EasyTranslate to pull back the the translation when ready.





To translate the strings, you need to start the translation automation manually from the String Library.

startautomationTo start a translation manually, go into the library, select the strings you want translated and click the menu next to Add key in the upper right corner and select Start automation.

The strings will be translated as a grouped project to the languages set for the library.

See more about translation and projects here.