Copy Editing

How to create a Copy editing project from your Content Generation results

Content Generation creates texts that are good but might not be tailored enough to your brand or use case. Our suppliers do not only offer translation, but also copy editing of AI generation content. We have combined both in our EasyTranslate platform to make it as convenient as possible for you to get the perfect localised content. 

How to create a project

Once you have generated the content you require using Content Generation, you can easily send it for Copy Editing. You also have the option to make any necessary changes to the text and format it before sending it over.

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Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 20.28.47

To start, simply click on the Create Project button on the left, right below the text, and select Copy Editing from the small menu that appears.

From there, fill in the required fields, like when you normally create a project, and click on Create Project.

You can create both a copy editing task and a translation task for the text at the same time. After editing it will automatically move to translation to your desired target languages. 


NOTE: If the price of the project exceeds your price limit, you will need to approve the project price. As with other projects, you do this in the workspace. Open the project and click Approve

Once your task is assigned to your copy editor, the status will change to in progress. If you need, you can provide your copy editor with any additional information about your intended use of the content. Do they need specific guidelines beyond what you already provided when generating the content? 

You can easily communicate any necessary details by sending a message through the EasyTranslate platform Messages. The copy editor will work with the content you sent them, making any necessary edits to ensure it is perfectly tailored to your brand and use case.

As soon as they have completed the task, you will receive an email notification and can download the final, polished content in Word format.


Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 21.11.04

To send them a message, either hit the Message button when you are in your project, or click the "Messages" in the left sidebar of the platform.

The copy editor will have access to the same view as you did when generating content, but they will not be able to modify any of the parameters. They are solely responsible for copy editing the content you provided and cannot generate any new content through the tool.

When your Copy Editing task is complete, we will send you an email letting you know that your polished content is ready to be downloaded. Simply locate your project on your dashboard and you'll see the following view.

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 20.57.27

Click on the Download button to receive your copy edited content in Word format. It will include the same styling as the original content you created before sending it for copy editing. You are now ready to send your content out into the world!