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Availability & Deadlines

Keep your availability settings up to date and manage your deadlines!

A good customer experience depends on many factors, but knowing that an important delivery will be on time builds trust and earns you many loyal customers!
Being up to date regarding your working availabilities is crucial to be able to collaborate together in the best way possible. Under "My availability" on the platform, you should always keep your availability up to date or notify time off. Realistic availability settings will provide you with deadlines that you can actually meet!


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How do I manage the amount of work I receive?
Automatically calculated deadline
Preferred deadline
What if I can't make the deadline?


How do I manage the amount of work I receive?

The page called "My availability" in your account is the place to go in case you need to modify your availability or want to log time off.  Please provide as much information as possible about working hours, output, vacation etc. It is crucial that your hourly word output and working times are respected, as these are the parameters used to determine which tasks are assigned to you. If you are going on holiday or will be away, you need to update your settings ahead of time.

 you get too much work or have more availability - changes to the availability settings will make all the difference!



Automatically calculated deadline

Our platform uses AI software that assigns tasks according to your availability and productivity settings. By setting your availability you are communicating when you are free and ready to take tasks and you will automatically be assigned projects with a calculated deadline. Keeping your working availability up to date at all times is crucial for a well functioning collaboration!

Preferred deadline

If a customer has a fixed deadline for an urgent project we give them the opportunity to overwrite the calculated with a preferred deadline, which is displayed in red on your dashboard. We are aware that it might be difficult to fit these jobs into your schedule but remember, the customer has chosen you specifically for his team, thus we expect you to do everything in your power to deliver the project on time - lets see what we can do for them!

What if I can’t make the deadline?

When you are part of a translator team on the Software Platform you are expected to handle jobs that are assigned to you with a calculated deadline and deliver them on timeDeclining tasks when you have marked yourself as available is generally not acceptable. In the unlikely event that you are prevented from delivering a task, please decline in Phrase as soon as possible, so the automation can assign a backup translator. Always keep in mind that this is meant for emergencies only.

If you are assigned a project with a preferred deadline keep in mind that the customer is communicating to you that  keeping the project timeline is really important to them! If you can’t rearrange your other commitments and you need more time please start be reaching out to the customer and discuss. If no agreement can be made please decline right away so it can be assigned automatically to someone else.

Ignoring a project because it does not fit your schedule is never the right choice! Instead, we expect you to communicate with the customer and our support team to find a solution.

Always remembercommunication is key!
Check out this article on how to contact your customers.