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A quick guide to get you started!

Once you have clicked the "Get started" button on our page, or via the received onboarding link you will land on the following page 

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Type in your email address, select your password, and confirm your selected password. Tick off the boxes you see fit, and click "Get started" 

Terms and conditions are mandatory 

You will then be redirected to the page below. Fill out the information that is required. Then, click "Finish onboarding" 
Please note that the entered phone number must be unique, and cannot be a number that is already registered with us. 

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You will now be redirected to the following page. This page is your workspace and dashboard. All of your new, ongoing and completed translation projects will be shown here. 
On the left you'll see the icons that all represent individual features - please see articles related to Workspace to see them in detail

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You have now created your EasyTranslate account, and you are probably eager to start sending projects! To be able to send content and receive translated content, you need a translation team. Go to the translators tab on the left (third icon from the top)

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Then, click "Add translators" on the top right 

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You can choose to add a file while building your team. The file will go through our AI, and carefully select the linguists that are specialized within your content. 
It is optional if you would like help from the AI in the selection process, however please note that when adding your first translator/language pair you must upload a editable file (word, pptx, excel, etc) 
Select the source and target language that you need. Then, click "Next" 


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On this page, you are selecting your translators and building your team. By clicking on a translator, you can see their detailed profile and the language combination(s) they offer. 
In this view, you will also see the match rate - this is only relevant if you uploaded a file while sourcing for translators. 
Select your translator(s), then click "Next" 

Depending on what model you are on, you will be limited in the amount of translators you can add 
You also have the ability to select translators for revision, please follow the same steps for this, and mark them instead as "revision"

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Confirm the team you have selected and you are done building your team! 

To add more language combinations you need to go through the flow again but with the given language combination

Your final step is to add your payment details so you can send content for translation. Go to Settings > payment > billing, and select your choice of payment and fill out the details 
The payment method box on the right will only appear once you have filled out all the slots under billing information 

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You have now completed your onboarding and you are all set! 

Please note that upon creating your first project, your price limit is set to 0EUR by default.
All projects with a higher price value than the price limit you have chosen will need your approval before they are carried out. If the price value is under the price limit you have fixed, the project will be carried out without requesting your approval. You can easily adjust your price limit and automate the process in the platform: 
Go to Settings > Pricing > Price limit 

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